Willoughby Symphony

Willoughby Symphony 2017

The magnificent Willoughby Symphony is one of Australia’s most exceptional orchestral organisations – a professional symphony orchestra of outstanding quality and the region’s finest symphonic chorus, together serving the community of Sydney’s North Shore and beyond.

Made up of exceedingly brilliant musicians, the Willoughby Symphony is widely celebrated for their captivating performances that showcase their incredible diversity and skill across a variety of crowd-pleasing classics and new, innovative repertoire. 

The Willoughby Symphony has been led since 2001 by internationally celebrated orchestral icon, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor, Dr Nicholas Milton. Renowned for his dynamic conducting style and compelling musical integrity, Nicholas continues to attract international attention as one of the most outstanding Australian conductors working today.

The Willoughby Symphony is honoured to be the resident orchestra of The Concourse, which has enabled them to establish a devoted audience and boast one of the highest subscription renewal rates of any orchestra in the nation.

Proudly managed by Willoughby City Council, the Willoughby Symphony presents an astounding programme in 2016 featuring an irresistible selection of extraordinary concerts that will leave you glowing with pure elation. 

Willoughby Symphony 2017