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Council places final piece of the puzzle - 88 Archer Street set to complete The Concourse precinct

10 August 2016

Willoughby Council is set to fulfil a long held vision for the Chatswood CBD, by approving (Council Meeting of 8 August 2016) the Strata Subdivision of the soon to be completed 88 Archer Street, Chatswood into 224 leasehold lots. 

The approval facilitates the establishment of tourist and visitor accommodation in the form of serviced apartments, a tavern, ground level ‘laneway’ retail opportunities, and parking - which will complement the adjoining entertainment, event and convention activities at The Concourse. 

The new site, which is due for completion in October 2016, will play a vital role in completing not only The Concourse entertainment precinct (opened in 2011), but also Council’s City Centre Strategy and Chatswood CBD Master Plan from 1997 - which identified the need for a boutique hotel offering in the CBD for those attending or participating in concerts, events and functions. 

It will also provide alternate pedestrian pathways through the CBD, with retail frontage along Mills Lane providing a ‘missing link’ that will connect the major entertainment and retail destinations of Chatswood Chase Sydney, The Concourse, on through to Westfield Sydney. 

"The new development is the final piece of a much larger puzzle, and will help The Concourse realise its full potential as always intended. The Concourse will become a true cultural destination where visitors can be entertained, wined and dined, then stay and play with a full suite of retail, dining, and accommodation options," said Willoughby Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney.

“The laneway component also presents a fantastic opportunity to create a destination with a point of difference; a new kind of public space here in the Chatswood CBD that adds to the diversity of Chatswood’s already vibrant offerings," Mayor Gail added.

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