Infringement Notices

The Self-Enforcing Infringement Notice Scheme (SEINS) provides for the issuing of penalty infringement notices for particular offences.

Briefly, the Scheme allows certain law enforcement in New South Wales not to be automatically referred for determination by a court unless the individual so desires.  It is an automated administrative process of enforcement and associated revenue collection.

The State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) has commercialised its services and undertakes, on behalf of government authorities, the processing and administration of infringement notices on a commercial basis.

The scheme is continually audited by the SDRO and in certain circumstances by the Ombudsman’s Office and the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Infringement Notices

No special dispensation is given when issuing infringement notices.  Infringement notices can be issued to members of the public, businesses and organisations (recognised legal entities), local or state government contractors, Councillors and Council staff.

The Council is not able to withdraw the infringement once it has been issued and it is not appropriate that they should ever do so.

Only the SDRO or a Magistrate at the Downing Centre Local Court may cancel the fine.

Payment or Appeal

Under the legislation, an individual has four options to deal with an infringement notice.

1. Pay the infringement notice penalty amount within the prescribed period (21 days from date of issue). This can be done by:

  • Phone: 1300 130 112 (Master Card and Visa)
  • (Master Card and Visa)
  • Post Office: (BillPay)
  • Mail:  State Debt Recovery Office, PO Box 444, Parramatta NSW 2124 (Cheque, Money Order)

2. Representation to the SDRO requesting the matter be reviewed and special consideration given to exceptional circumstances.

Download the SDRO Request Review of Penality Notice form.

If you would like the matter reviewed, you can write a letter or complete the SDRO form and include any supporting information (Photos, Witness Statements, Statutory Declarations, Copies of Permits) to:

The Director
State Debt Recovery Office
PO Box 786

Immediately upon receipt of the representation, the final payment date of the offence will be extended and the Infringement Notice will be investigated.

3. Elect to have the matter heard in court.

By completing and returning the Court election form from the SDRO web site .

4. Enact the owner-onus provision.

This refers to the transfer of responsibility.  For example, in the case of a parking infringement, the person who was responsible for the vehicle on that particular day, or in the case of a building site, the owner/builder or builder may elect to have the notice transferred to a subcontractor responsible for breaching development consent.

The transferring of responsibility requires the completion of a Statutory Declaration, nominating the full name and address of the person actually responsible for the offence.

This can be obtained from the SDRO web site:

Enquiries may be directed to the State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO).  Phone: 1300 138 118 or .