Cars park near the Chatswood CBD

Parking within Willoughby can be difficult due to the high amount of traffic and number of visitors to the area. Council does not believe that the answer is to provide more and more parking as studies suggest that this only increases car traffic which in turn increases pollution, noise, and accidents.

To ensure that popular places are not made unpleasant or dangerous through excessive traffic, parking is managed using pricing, time restrictions and signage.

Mobility Parking Scheme

The Mobility Parking Scheme is designed to assist some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Read more about the Mobility Parking Scheme.

Motorcycle Parking

Council has provided a number of motorcycle parking spaces within Chatswood, Artarmon and St Leonards. View maps of motorcycle parking spaces.

Parking Meters

Parking meters are a good way to ensure that car spaces are shared throughout the day. Meters have been installed in the busy CBD areas in Chatswood and St Leonards. Meters are cheaper and more efficient than ‘tyre marking’ and are therefore a better use of rate-payers’ money. Meters are inspected several times a week to make sure they are still working. Please note that even if a meter is broken and does not accept payment, the time restriction is still in force.

Parking Restrictions

Read more about Parking Restrictions.

Residential Parking Permits

Residents who don't have access to off-street parking can apply for a Resident Parking Permit which exempts them from time limits in their street. Read more about Residential Parking Permits.

Trade Parking Permits

Residents or tradespeople undertaking short term works in the Willoughby Council area can apply for Trade Parking Permits for trade vehicles from Council’s Customer Service Centre. These permits allow tradespeople to park unrestricted for periods of up to 5 days in areas where parking is signposted for time restricted or metered parking (NOT Loading Zones, No Parking zones, Truck zones, Bus Zones etc). There is an application fee plus a fee for each day the permit is required. If the permit is for a ticket parking zone 85% of the potential parking meter revenue is also payable.