A group of cyclistsCycling is a great way to keep fit, reduce your impact on the environment and is often a faster way to travel than other modes of transport.

Willoughby City Council is committed to promoting and providing for cycling within Willoughby. A number of shared and dedicated cycle paths have been constructed throughout the area, with more planned to be implemented in the future in accordance with the Willoughby Bike Plan. The Willoughby Bike Plan is intended to provide a plan to meet Council’s aims of increasing the modal share of cycling, reducing the impact of private motor vehicles on the region and promoting greater levels of community health. The 2006 Bike Plan has recently been reviewed and proposes further expansion of Council’s bicycle network and upgrade to several existing routes. The routes are being implemented in stages in accordance with the priorities identified in the Bike Plan and as funding becomes available.

pdf format Willoughby Bike Plan Review - 2012

The Willoughby Council Bicycle Consultative Committee provides a forum for bicycle riders to make plans and discuss issues with Councillors and Council staff. It meets once approximately 4 times a year, and gives Council advice on facilities and design. Resident suggestions for cycling infrastructure improvements and requests for bike racks are welcome and can be made by contacting Council’s Transport Planner on 9777 1000.

Bike Sharing

Bike sharing is an emerging and developing technology that makes cycling a convenient and cost-effective transport option. Read more.

Cycling Events

Every year Council hosts a number of events to promote cycling in Willoughby. Regular bicycle maintenance workshops and cycling skills sessions are held for families, beginner, intermediate and commuter cyclists. These workshops will increase your knowledge and skills to keep you riding safely and confidently. Council also supports Bike Week and Ride to Work Day which take place from September onwards. Information on upcoming cycling events can be found in Diary Dates.

Bicycle Parking

Council provides bicycle racks at key locations throughout the area. If you have suggestions for additional bicycle parking locations you can contact Council on 9777 1000. Secure bicycle lockers are available for hire at Chatswood, St Leonards and Artarmon train stations. Specific locations and details on how to hire a bike locker are available at Transport Info. Secure bicycle parking is also available on level B1 of the Chatswood Chase car park with free public showers and lockers. 

Measuring use of cycle ways and shared paths

Council has begun to monitor bicycle use at some locations on its shared user paths. The data in the graph below has been gathered by measuring cyclist volumes over a period of not less than a week to obtain an average daily volume of cyclists passing that location. The graph will be updated periodically as new counts are undertaken to measure growth in cycling activity.

Cycling data - numbers of cyclists using local routes

Further Information

Bicycle Commuting Groups

Many cyclists commute to work. However, others, particularly those who are new to cycling or who have recently taken it up again, may find mixing it with traffic a daunting prospect. To assist cyclists who commute to work, or who would like to commute by bike, “bike buses” or commuting groups are beginning to be formed. These groups enable cyclists to link up with other cyclists who ride the same or similar routes. A commuting group is a great way to learn the best routes through the area and to meet other cyclists from your area. It is also safer to ride in a group, particularly in peak periods, as groups are safer and command more respect from other road users. Riding with a group is also handy if you have a flat tyre or minor mechanical problem, and gives you others to chat with on the way to work.

The Easy Riders are a commuting group operating on the North Shore. They commute to and from the Sydney CBD every day via Chatswood, Artarmon & Naremburn. The group is growing and welcomes new members. There is also a bike bus website with details of bike buses operating elsewhere.

Bike North

Bike North is Willoughby’s local Bicycle User Group (BUG). Bike North run regular social rides and work with Council to improve cycling facilities. For more information visit the Bike North website.

Bicycle NSW

Bicycle NSW is a member-funded and owned, not-for-profit peak community organisation. Bicycle NSW provides members with insurance, cycling advocacy & lobbying, and updates on the latest news and events. For more information visit the Bicycle NSW website at 


Council has developed informative maps, showing cycling and walking routes in the Willoughby area. You can download these maps by clicking on the links below, but please be aware that these maps are quite large and may take some time to download. Print copies of these maps are available from Willoughby City Council.

Willoughby City Council promotes safe cycling. Please always wear a helmet and make sure your bike has reflectors and lights if you plan to ride at night.