Waste & Recycling

Important information for Willoughby Residents

Delivery of new domestic bins

Willoughby residents will soon have brand new red and yellow lid bins when the old models are replaced over the months of February and March. 

Delivery of the new bins will take place in stages across suburbs within the Willoughby Local Government Area, commencing on Thursday 23 February and finishing on Friday 31 March 2017

To facilitate a smooth process please note the following:


  • Your new bins will be delivered during the rollout period listed above
  • Once you have your new bins, you must put your old bins out on your normal collection day, even if they are empty
  • Leave your old bins out until they are collected – this may take 2-3 days

Please note: old bins will not be emptied once the new bins have been delivered

The majority of the current bins are 14 years old.

The bins have a projected lifespan of 10 years, after which they begin to fail and require repair or replacement. Council has documented a significant increase in maintenance costs relating to the existing bins in the past 18 months. 

It is more cost effective to replace all of the existing bins at one time, allowing Council to save money on maintenance and replacement costs in the long term. 

The total cost of the bins is incorporated as part of council’s overall waste collection contract and spread across the time of the contract. 

The old bins will be recycled by the manufacturer and made into new bins. New bins contain around 30 per cent recycled plastic.

General clean-up collections

Willoughby Council provides a program of clean-up services for residents each financial year:

Residents can also book additional pre-paid on-call clean-ups.

Not sure how to dispose of a particular item? Look it up in our A-Z of recycling.

Weekly collections

Each rate-charged residential property in Willoughby has three different weekly waste collection services. Willoughby Council provides one bin for each service for every property:

General Waste Recycling Vegetation
General waste - red lid Recycling bin - yellow lid Vegetation bin - green lid

Collection days for unit blocks with bulk garbage bins may be different. Call Customer Service on 9777 1000 to find out when your collection days are.