A picture of items that can be recycled as e-waste

Electronic waste or e-waste is unwanted electronic or electrical equipment. E-waste should be kept out of landfill for a number of reasons:

  • e-waste is one of the fastest growing components of the waste stream in the world, growing three times faster than any other type of waste
  • Australia currently sends 90% of e-waste to landfill
  • e-waste contains valuable metals such as copper, aluminium, gold, silver and tin, all of which are recyclable
  • e-waste also contains materials which are hazardous both to humans and the environment if disposed of incorrectly
  • using recycled materials for new products produces up to 80% less carbon emissions than processing virgin materials

How to recycle your e-waste

Ewaste can be recycled free of charge through:

The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme

The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (a federal government initiative) came into effect in 2012. Under the scheme, householders and small business can drop off the following items for recycling free of charge:

  • All televisions, such as CRT’s, Plasma, LCD and Projection televisions
  • Computers and computer peripherals eg:
    • Personal computers
    • Laptops, notebooks, palmtops & tablets
    • Computer monitors
    • Parts for personal computers eg internal hard drives, motherboards, card, internal power supplies, CPUs, DVD and CD drives
    • Computer peripherals eg mice, keyboards, joysticks, game pads, scanners and web cameras
    • Printers eg ink-jet, dot matrix, laser printers and multifunction devices

A limit of 15 items per drop-off applies.

Current free drop-off locations:

All free drop-off locations can be found at www.recyclingnearyou.com.au/ewastescheme/

The following items will not be accepted at these drop-off points:

  • Mobile phones
  • Whitegoods or other kitchen or household appliances
  • Computer game consoles
  • Video or DVD players
  • Hi-fi or stereo equipment
  • Power tools
  • Set top boxes

Further information can be found in the National Waste Policy Fact Sheet.

Storage King

Small electronic goods can be recycled through Storage King stores in Chatswood and Artarmon. Simply purchase an e-waste recycling box for $3.50 from the store, fill it up with your e-waste such as laptops, PC’s and LED monitors, then return the box to Storage King for free recycling.

They cannot take larger items like plasma TVs, CRT monitors and TVs etc.

For further information, visit ecoactiv.com.au/ewastebox