Illegal Dumping

Dumping: It is DumbDumping is leaving any unwanted waste (including rubbish, furniture, electrical goods, mattresses and garden waste) onto both public and private land. It is illegal, and anyone caught dumping can be fined between $750 and $1500 on the spot.

Each financial year, Council offers three free scheduled clean up services and one free on-call clean up service. You can also organise a pre-paid on call clean up if you can't wait until your next free scheduled clean up.

Please note that everything from these clean-ups ends up in a landfill. If you have household items that are in good condition that you no longer need, access our Collection and Re-Homing Service to dispose of these items responsibly.

The A-Z of Recycling lists other ways you can responsibly dispose of many different types of unwanted goods, including mattresses, timber and solvents.

Council staff will be actively investigating any illegal dumping that occurs in the area.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has more information about dumping.

Report Illegal Dumping online or call Council on 9777 1000

Dumping is dumb - Chinese

Dumping is dumb - Korean

L’abbandono di rifiuti è un atto illecito e rovina l’ambiente.
L’abbandono di articoli di scarto domestici è un atto illecito ed è punibile con multe di importo fino a $750. Il materiale abusivamente abbandonato presso questo immobile è ora oggetto di indagini. Invece di abbandonarlo qui, il proprietario avrebbe dovuto chiamare il Comune per informazioni sui servizi di raccolta.