TAngler Bins

Cast your unwanted fishing line in a TAngler Bin

TAngler Bin 

Willoughby City Council has installed TAngler Bins to help keep our fishing spots great and reduce our impacts on fish habitats and wildlife.

Lost and littered fishing line harms our wildlife, pollutes our favourite fishing spots and can ruin a great day fishing. TAngler Bins will make it easier to be a responsible fisher.

How can I be a responsible fisher?

  • Don’t leave your line behind. Bin unwanted fishing line in the TAngler Bin.
  • Remember to replace your fishing line before it becomes brittle.
  • Avoid leaving your lines unattended while fishing and be on hand in case of entanglement.
  • Always cast your line with care – away from foraging birds or other wildlife.
  • Pick up littered line found whilst out on the water or near the shore and put it in the TAngler Bin.

By filling up the TAngler Bins with lost and littered fishing line, anglers can stop lines polluting our marine and coastal environment.

Where can I find a TAngler Bin?

The bins are located at two popular fishing spots around Willoughby where line dumping has previously been an issue. The bins are easy to spot and can be found at:

  • North Arm Reserve, end of Willis Road, Castle Cove
  • Clive Park, Minimbah Road, Northbridge

What can go in a TAngler Bin?

Fisher people are asked to dispose of their old, tangled fishing line in these bins which will be collected regularly. Passers-by are also encouraged to pick up discarded line litter and dispose of it thoughtfully in the TAngler Bins provided. Hooks can also be deposited in the bins.


Facts about fishing line:

  • Fishing line is strong and does not degrade, lasting up to 600 years in the environment
  • As it is usually clear or light coloured, it is very difficult for animals and people to see
  • Wildlife can easily become entangled and ingest littered line
  • Unless rescued, entangled animals usually strangle or starve to death

Use a TAngler Bin to dispose of fishing line and save wildlife.

TAngler Bins are an initiative of Oceanwatch Australia  – a national, environmental, not-for-profit company that works to achieve sustainability in the Australian seafood industry.

This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.

For more information about TAngler Bins, or if you think your favourite fishing spot in Willoughby could do with a TAngler Bin, contact Willoughby City Council on 9777 1000.