General Household Clean-Ups

Willoughby Council offers three scheduled General Household Clean-ups each financial year and one free On-Call Clean-Up Collection per financial year at a time that is convenient. These clean-ups are for bulky items from residential households that can’t be collected through the weekly service.

Find the collection dates for your street in the Clean Up Dates online database.

Please note that all household items from these clean-ups end up in landfill. If you have items that are in good condition that you no longer need, access our Collection and Re-Homing Service to dispose of these responsibly.

Please also note:

  • All material needs to be on the nature strip on the Sunday evening before the scheduled collection week.
  • Don’t put material out more than a week in advance.
  • Avoid placing materials in a way that blocks cars and people.
  • Excessive amounts of rubbish won’t be collected; no more than 2m³.
  • Loose items should be in either bags or boxes.
  • The longest any item can be is 1 metre.
  • Any rejected materials left on the nature strip will be referred to Council Rangers.
  • Consider donating usable items to charities

Acceptable material:

  • Household furniture
  • Small appliances
  • Soft furnishings
  • Carpet and linoleum*
  • Mattresses/foam
  • Other non-recyclable household items
  • Whitegoods and metal items eg fridge/freezer, washing machine etc

*must be cut into manageable lengths of 1m and bundled neatly, maximum 1/2 cubic metre

Unacceptable material*:

  • General household garbage
  • Vegetation, dirt, stones and sand
  • Car batteries, car parts and tyres 
  • Building materials like bricks, concrete and tiles
  • Liquids such as paints, chemicals and oils
  • Fibro/asbestos
  • Gas bottles
  • Hazardous materials such as volatile liquids, medical waste or explosives
  • Mirrors and sheets of glass larger than 1 metre (windows, shower screens, glass table tops etc)

*Some of these items can be taken to Northern Sydney Community Recycling Centre.

Free On-Call Clean-Up Service

Find out about this service.

To dispose of waste outside the scheduled clean up times, take pre-sorted loads of recyclables and general household waste to the Artarmon Resource Recovery Centre at Lanceley Place, Artarmon.

The following items are accepted free of charge:

  • Televisions, computers and computer peripherals (limited to 15 items per transaction)
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Sump oil in household quantities
  • Vehicle batteries

Charges apply for other items. Call 1300 651 116 to find out more.

To see how to dispose of other items, check the A –Z Recycling Guide.

How to estimate two cubic metres

 A cubic metre is an item or items 1 metre long by 1 metre wide by 1 metre high. 1 metre X 1 metre X 1 meter = 1 cubic metre.

2 cubic meters could be: 2 metres X 1 metre X 1 metre = 2 cubic metres.

It could be any combination of lengths as long as all three dimensions multiplied together equals 2. For example; 4 metres X 1 metre X 0.5 metre = 2 cubic metres.

Cubic Metre